NOCO Genius GENM3 Deep Cycle Battery Charger

Durable, compact, lightweight and waterproof, the NOCO Genius GENM3 is a powerful battery charger designed to recover deeply discharged batteries. Ideal for boats and recreational vehicles, this smart-on-board battery charger will save you from having to replace batteries every year or few years.

NOCO Genius GENM3 Features

  • 3-bank, 12-amp

  • Pulse charging recovers deeply discharged batteries

  • Designed for 12V lead-acid batteries

  • Advanced recovery mode

  • Rapid charging to charge batteries twice as fast

The Genius GENM3 Deep Cycle Battery Charger

The GENM3 is a three-bank, 12-amp charger (four amps per bank) designed for use with 12V lead-acid batteries, including MF, wet, AGM and gel. The great thing about this charger is that anyone can use it safely because it does not generate sparks.

It’s also compact, lightweight and waterproof, making it ideal for use with boat batteries.

In addition to its safety benefits, this charger also offers vital protection against short circuit, reverse battery hookup, overcurrent, overheat and overcharging. In other words, it helps keep your battery healthy and running efficiently.

The advanced recovery mode will actually repair any damaged areas of the battery to further extend its life.

Using pulse charging, the GENM3 can recover sulfated and deeply discharged batteries. The convenient rapid charging technology recharges batteries twice as fast as traditional chargers.

Thanks to the advanced design of the GENM3, this charger is incredibly easy to use. The charger is designed to be a permanent install on your battery, so you simply plug and unplug the charger as needed.

Backed by a 5-year limited warranty, you can rest assured that your purchase is protected when buying this charger.


  • Easy to use

  • No sparks (NOCO says it’s one of the safest chargers you’ll ever use)

  • Waterproof feature makes this charger great for boat batteries

  • Repairs damaged batteries with advanced recovery mode

  • Charges batteries two times faster than conventional chargers

  • Permanent install for added convenience

  • Backed by a generous warranty


  • Big and heavy

The only complaint with this battery is that it’s a little on the heavy side. The heavier weight and larger size may make it a little more difficult to mount in some cases, but most people never have an issue.

The NOCO Genius GENM3 is a reliable, rugged deep cycle battery charger that’s easy and safe to use. For boat batteries, there are few chargers out there that can compete with this model.

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