Clore Automotive PL2410 SOLAR Pro-Logix Review

The Clore Automotive PL2410 SOLAR is a 10-amp, deep cycle battery charger that can operate as 12V and 24V. The unit has an advanced multi-phase charging cycle, which allows it to be able to charge even the most depleted batteries.

Sleek and durable, this unit also features a soft start mode that comes in handy when batteries are severely depleted.

One of the industry’s best chargers, even distressed batteries can be rejuvenated when using the SOLAR, which will save you money over the long-term. With a weight of just 4.2 pounds, this is a small charger with a lot power.

Clore Automotive PL2410 SOLAR Features

  •  10-amp charging power

  • 9.8” x 8” x 4.7” dimensions

  • Soft start mode

  • Enhanced maintenance for long-term storage

  • Reverse polarity protection

  • Automatic operation

  • 10/6/2-amp charging rates

Review of the Clore Automotive PL2410

Powerful and precise, this unit has a digital display that allows users to be able to fully control their charging. The unit can offer 12V and 24V battery charging, and it also offers fully automatic operation.

Utilizing a multi-phase charging process, the PL2410 is a universal charger that can charge the following batteries:

  • AGM

  • Deep cycle

  • Marine

  • Gel cell

  • Flooded

  • Spiral wound

This is the only charger you’ll need for all your batteries.

Users will be able to change their charging options right from the front display. An orange light illuminates when the unit is in the process of charging, and there is also a light to alert you when the charging process is finished.

An error light is available to alert you of any issues.

Users will be able to switch between voltage, amp and type right from the front of the display. There are also difference battery modes based on automatic need analysis:

  • Recondition

  • Energizing

  • Soft start mode

There is an exercise mode, which will keep your battery in tip top shape. This mode will ensure that the battery is kept in the best position possible if you leave it hooked up in the off season, such as the winter when your boat is docked the entire time and won’t have a chance to be started.

When you need to ensure you have a charged battery, this is the right charger for you.


  • Charges a variety of battery types

  • Fully automatic operation

  • Multi-phase charging

  • Lightweight and versatile


  • Not meant for commercial use

The one complaint we kept coming across is that this unit cannot meet the demands of a commercial-use operation. Mechanics, for example, have had issues with frequent errors, but this seems to be a few isolated cases.

For the normal everyday user, this is one of the best deep cycle chargers on the market today.

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